Building a retro gaming console – Part 1

I was thinking whether I should name this post ‘building’ or ‘buying’? Why? This is why:

That’s what it means to build it – although in reverse order, simply because of the custom board used in the first 2. But, if I am going to build one – I would definitely go the first one on the list. Looks professional really. But the 250+ EUR budget is a bit over the top at the moment for a DIY retro gaming handheld, plus I don’t have the space nor the proper tools to go that route. But I won’t completely write it out either. Reserved for another day. Maybe.

Okay, so what other options do I have? I already had my answer, but then I found this video that almost sums up my dilemma.

For a first time ‘build’, I believe the GPi case from Retroflag is a no-brainer! The full ‘build’ will set you back around 80EUR (link) depending on what you already have (the Pi Zero, the microSD card and/or some rechargeable batteries). Then if you want more power, you can always purchase the GPiMate for CM3+ Lite, which will set you back an additional 30+ EUR (and an additional 35+ EUR if you don’t already own a Raspberry CM3+ Lite board). Here’s another link, offering the cartridge case and the CM3+ Lite bundled together.

Here’s another idea: I already own a Raspberry Pi laying around and a microSD, why not go simpler and instead a handheld – a desktop one? The MegaPi case and two USB-type controllers from Retroflag will set me back only 50EUR (give or take, well take I gues 🙂 – since I need to buy the extra cooling fan and an AC adapter at least, but those don’t really cost that much).

MegaPi case Side View

Well, I think I made up my mind: I’ll go with the last option for now.