Projects in the pipeline (270120)

It has come to my attention, I have mentioned in my previous posts I will be taking on some projects, but never did. … and that’s pi$$!n9 me off!!! I hate unfinished business.

So to help me stay “motivated”, I would capture my thoughts and put them on my wall of shame for the world to see. Maybe that will get me going…

One of the projects I have started previously and never did a concluding part, was Reverse engineering RF signals. The unfinished business from that post is to actually try replicating the code and transmitting it from one of my dev boards using a 433MHz transmitter module.

In another one of my earliest posts, A Machine for Hydrostatic Testing of Gas Cylinders, I mentioned I had put together a small 2 channel board, with two pots – mimicking a 4-20mA current loop sensor. The unfinished business from that particular post is I said I was planning on designing a PCB and packaging everything in a descent case (one preferably for DIN rail mounting) – which is exactly what I intend on doing!

In the past couple of months, I’ve been also thinking of migrating my Linux laptop to Ubuntu instead of Linux Mint. I was also thinking of upgrading my blog from a free to a paid one – make it a bit more professional and get rid off of some of the adds.

Past summer, I was killing time with some Sudoku puzzles. Ever since, it’s been boiling in my head of making an attempt at creating a Sudoku solver – but if doing it, instead of a LCD screen, use 7 seg LED displays! Make it a bit of a retro looking device.

During the same period, I was reminiscing of how me and my friends were spending our summer school break. One of the things we did – a lot! – was play video games. I wanted to recapture that period and show my kids how it was back in the day. So I’m thinking of building a retro gaming console.

Last but not least – and this rose out of a necessity, build an oil tank level monitor! I have to put my heating oil usage under a control.

My game plan (in the order given) would then be:

  1. Upgrade my blog site plan
  2. Upgrade my Linux laptop to Ubuntu
  3. Oil tank level monitor
  4. Sudoku puzzle solver
  5. Reverse engineering RF signals part 2
  6. Retro game console
  7. 4-20mA current loop “sensor” in a DIN rail enclosure

Now let’s get going and close those projects!

Update (280120): How I could’ve forget about this one: Playing T-Rex… I am at least 1 part past due!

So… New game plan:

  1. Upgrade my blog site plan (√ 280120)
  2. Upgrade my Linux laptop to Ubuntu (√ 070320)
  3. Finish off the hand gesture recognition project and play T-Rex
  4. Oil tank level monitor
  5. Sudoku puzzle solver
  6. Reverse engineering RF signals part 2
  7. Retro game console (√ 080320)
  8. 4-20mA current loop “sensor” in a DIN rail enclosure

The first 2 should do in one day. Then I could probably develop a general design for no. 3 and no. 4. For the retro game console, I decided to go simple – with as less manual mods as possible and I have a couple of ideas for that. Once I know all the parts I’ll be needing, I make the order and while I’m waiting for the parts to arrive, I could finish off the hand gesture recognition project. If there’s still time left while waiting for the parts, I could design and order the PCB for the 4-20mA current loop sensor “simulator”.

Now, let’s really get cracking!